February 2011

Many major things happen during the latter half of January and through the end of this month.  

Most importantly, the Geo-Me, a geographic avatar, is born from a pile of concept drawings.

Then, a series of Skype interviews carried out across many timezones yield a boatload of subject matter, and a 12-character, 12-verse song is written.  

Studio time is booked in Chicago at Binge, the home of our friend Scott Tallarida, one of the most talented musician/producers I know. Brian and I agree he is the only person qualified to tackle this weird challenge of combining geographical data points with music.  His music writing/producing style is odd and ecstatic, and he happens to be a brilliant coder to boot!

Bill begins to track down and crunch massive databases of global geographic data, and my friend Casey of the National Park Service supplies us with some great geotiffs to fill in our missing datasets.

It starts to look like this idea could really happen.

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