March 2011

Three days at Binge Studio produce 12 verses of multi tracked vocals (with the help of the golden-voiced Julie Tallarida) laid over the top of the foundational instrumentation.  Brian even gets to record the takes for the major drum loops. Scott and I spend the remaining hours trying to form the structure of the musical “matrix” as well as just play with melody and rhythm to use during the character/verse building process.

Upon returning to Charlottesville, I set out to construct a reasonable production schedule for creating 1) a unified animation/interface look-and-feel, 2) build a logical and simple application wireframe, and 3) create said interface assets. This needs to be done in the most compressed timeframe in order to start the next more pressing phase; storyboards and animation.

Four weeks after I return from the recording session, Scott is able to provide me with rough mixes of the character verses, just in time for me to finish the design marathon with pleasing results.

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