Privacy Policy – “Geo-Me!”

Location Services: Collection and Use

Some services on “Geo-Me!” make use of location-based data. If you allow these services, we will collect information with the help of the internal GPS and location services of the device.

We use this information to provide the requested location-based service, not to identify you. You will be asked for your permission each time a location-based service is requested. This data is used to provide you content based upon your location. The data drawn only determines your city location. Street address and anything more specific is not detected or recorded by the Geo-Me! app.

“Geo-Me!” does not collect any personal information from you, nor does it transmit any collected data to any source outside the device.

Sharing and Links

“Geo-Me!” does not provide you the ability to share your activity with any social media platform.

“Geo-Me!” does allow you to share your custom version of the app’s song with a friend via email. No data is collected by Crackerbox or any other party via that transaction. The email created does contain clickable links to the App Store, and the Crackerbox Facebook and Twitter pages.

“Geo-Me!” does provide a link to web-based articles hosted on the Crackerbox website.  These articles are for providing further educational text, symbol keys and elaborated character stories and are for extra reading only. No personal information is collected via the Crackerbox website.

If you have any questions about security on “Geo-Me!”, you can contact us at