Something that attracted me to this idea in the first place was being able to actually write the song I would be animating to.  The more surprising piece of enjoyment has been to work in the studio with my friend, producer/musician, Scott Tallarida.  I have no doubt that he is the only person who could both intellectualize the mixes as well as make them sound great.   By taking the challenge with me to let the data partially drive our instrument and melody choices, Scott has come up with some really amazingly different flavors and feels for each of the characters so far.  It is easy to forget they are part of the same song (which is good, because it’s a LOOOONG song.)  I took a little break from animating today to finally put his first rough character mixes over the animation, and I thought I’d make a little teaser edit to post here.  Check it out above.

The song verses, the characters and their stories are meant to be both the glue holding the idea together, and inspiration for a child to explore the world map through creating their own Geo-Me’s.  But boy the verses have quite a life of their own.

Otherwise, I’ve been trying to divide my time as productively as possible between animating, kickstarter prep, and general Crackerbox production plans leading up to (and after) release of Geo-Me!  It’s cool to think it will only be just over a year of planning and production by the time Geo-Me! is released.  Not bad for something that has grown in to a bit of a monster.  ’Bout the most fun I’ve ever had on any project.

I will be happy when my head can stop spinning a bit.  Although, I suppose if it all goes well it will just spin more.  Oy.

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