Nothing like having a lull right after launching a spiffy new blog container.  It is a very reasonable lull, however, as we sit in a temporary limbo between the completion of animation, and the beginning of the last phase of coding.  But there is plenty to do in other places, and I for one am still keeping busy.

A nice potential byproduct of the lull is that I may be able to bust out another animated verse, bumping the release roster of characters up to seven.  We’ll see how that goes..

The lull is good for another thing, however.  It’s the chance for me to make a plea.

I would like to put a call out to any and all elementary educators who might like to volunteer the curious eyeballs of their iPad wielding students to do a bit of beta testing, when the time comes later this spring. There will be few processes more valuable in this production than having the chance for a bunch of curious kids to play around with some Geo-Me’s and decide what works and what doesn’t; what is fun and what is not; what’s horrible and what’s REALLY horrible.  Or, of course, what they might especially like about listening to the songs, hearing the character’s stories, or building their own Geo-Me’s.

The ideal age range would be about 5 to 10-years-old.

At minimum, we would like to find three very different classrooms (that have a bank of iPads, of course) and give them access to a good handful of licenses to try it out for a bit and give us feedback. I willing to bet we can get a hold of some coupon codes for free downloads after we release, and they get a special mention in the “thank you” credits, of course!

If you happen to be one of those educators, or know someone who is, please drop me a line either in the comment section or via email and let me know if you think you and your class might interested.

I can assume this will happen just before of just after the average spring break, so it may be a fun diversion for an otherwise squirrelly crew 😉

Thanks in advance!

/ken (and the crackerboxers)(I should form a band.)

ps. here’s a walkthrough video I made a while ago if you need to get acquainted with the app.


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