About 30% done animating Eliza from Mt Isa (Aus).  The process is getting noticably faster, mostly because I am learning more about how to take advantage of ToonBoom’s features. But also because I’ve settled on so much of the Crackerbox global aesthetic that I can avoid the backtracking and revising of the previous character verses. (Oh, and I did get a new machine, so After Effects and the rest are blazing!) That feels comfy.  So comfy in fact that I’m taking extra time this week to work on some instrumental melodies to take with me in to the recording sessions next week, as well as begin scripting our Kickstarter pitch.  Yep, we’re going to seek funding to finish.  Half of my stay in Chicago will be further recording and mixing on the “Where I Am” song, and the other half will be spent collecting footage for the KS pitch video.  Ample time will also be carved out for the group to hang out and plan – and eat, and plan, and drink fancy beer, and plan, and plan and plan.  I will be staying through the following Friday, and hope to return with many gigabytes of content to begin (and continue) working with.  I could reasonably go get work as an editor after all the hours I’ve spent in Final Cut Pro this last year.  Shew!  Aint complainin’. :)

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