For now, at least.  The first six characters are in the can, which is all that are being prepared for the release of Geo-Me version#1 (the remaining six characters will be completed and released in subsequent updates of the app.)  Looking at this composite image of all of these completed characters, I feel pretty proud. Although I could tweak forever, it’s time to let them go and focus on the remaining interface elements as we get ready to make the final coding sprint in February.

I’ll be spending the next week or so dusting off my first drafts of the various overlay maps (climate, elevation, population, etc.,) and trying to inject a little more visual fun in to them.  After that, the main focus will be creating whatever small buttons and graphic labels remain to zip up the user interface, in order to make sure the coding minds have all the assets they need to create a seamless UX. (Which reminds me, I need to take another look over the UX wireframes to make sure all that needs to be dotted and crossed is dotted and crossed.)

Ok, then.  Back to work!


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