…spent mostly between recording studio and my roving coffee shop office. We managed to finally crack the music/data code, pump out 5 character verses, shoot some really great interview and b-roll footage for the Kickstarter campaign, and pitch (rewrite, and pitch again) the script for the Kickstarter intro (complete with cutout puppets!)

I will be spending most of this coming week organizing video clips and creating a first draft cut of the pitch video.  Animation on Eliza (and others) will be put on hiatus for a couple of weeks while we shore this up and get ready to launch the campaign.  I’m really excited about all of the material I have to choose from to put this edit together.  Distilling it down to 5 minutes is going to be tough, but I really think it will be super solid.

There aint nothin like putting the brains of the Crackerbox brain trust in one room together.  It’s a dream team, for sure.


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