Ok, I’m getting excited again.  After animation wrapped a month ago, I have been preparing for the brief lull before the coding of the backend could begin. I have been occupying myself pretty well, I must say, with extra-curricular projects that have been patiently waiting in the wings.  But Friday night came the first little jewel in to my inbox – the first time I got to see a Geo-Me custom created using my GPS location! (Ok, so the first one I saw was Bill’s location in Naperville. But the second one was Orange, Virginia! The teeny little town I happened to be in that night.)

I’ll tell you, it’s one thing to sit around with your friends and say “wouldn’t it be could if..”, but finally getting to see the idea and the images mesh up with the tech is pretty righteously cool.

So here’s where we are…

All the animation is done for the first version release, as is all of the interface artwork (give or take a button or two.) Now we are merely sewing together the ginormous database of geographic info with the vast array of Geo-Me parts and pieces (hats, clothing, shoes, bags) and making it dance together in the most fun way possible.  We’re not winging it, of course.  There has been months of planning and designing and whatnot up to this point.  But you never know what kind of wrinkles will show up, and so far things are smooth. Of course, I could receive that frustrated email any day from Bill, in all caps, screaming his seemingly insurmountable frustration.  But so far I’ve only been reading things like “I’m so happy I could poop!” (and I believe that is a direct quote.)

My daily giddiness will most likely prompt me to post enough screenshots to bore the, well, poop out of you.  But it’s pretty fun to see the barn finally raising – so, just be polite.  I have a fragile ego.

Still on track for Spring 2013.  Right. On.


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