Eliza came alive yesterday! Now that I’ve got the foundational backgrounds and rough layout built for her animated verse, I am free to start animating.  I jumped in with the most difficult shot in the sequence, which just happens to be shot #01.  She’s rather gymnastic from the get-go — running entrance, vaulting off of a rock, catching and hanging on a tree branch, pulling herself up on to that branch in to a crouched position, sitting back against the trunk, and pulling out a map (of Australia, that I will cut in to in the following shot.)  After 3 characters, I’m feeling pretty comfortable with their squishy bodies, and I’m able to take advantage of enough digital trickery to make it all go relatively quickly, at least in the “roughing in” phase.  Clean up is always tedious and time consuming.  But I think I may try rough in the whole thing first this time, before I ink and paint it all.  I may regret it, as it was nice to break up the processes so I wasn’t driven insane by the monotony.  If I become un-intelligible in future posts, you’ll know why…

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