Discover world geography through animated songs and interactive avatars! All inside an iPad app.

Create a Geo-Me!

While watching animated stories and singing along with the Geo-Me! app on their iPad, kids will be able to create Geo-Me’s of their own, dressing them up in different articles of clothing and accessories that each represent different values of geographical data (population, elevation, climate and anthrome); and through that exercise they can explore the world map and learn about all the ways geographers measure and classify the globe. More importantly, they will learn where other people live and compare those locations to their own.

Build a Song!

The heart of the experience is the song “Where I Am”, which, through its many verses, introduces you to children from across the globe and gives you a little window in to how they live and love their lives. In the end, a child gets the opportunity to build their own “arrangement” of the song; picking their favorite characters to create their own version of “Where I Am” and save it to their music libraries forever.

Explore the Globe!

The goal of “Geo-Me!” is to inspire curiosity, to entice the participant to take a wider look at the world we live in and compare and contrast geographies and demographies in a way that is entertaining and probably brand new. It can be a first opportunity to learn about the many big cities, rural villages, working croplands, frozen tundras, sprawling savannas, lush forests and other geographical features that provide a life for all of the different people on the planet.

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