It’s been many a year since I’ve paddled in the waters of the internet world, and boy am I out of shape. Now that the first animation milestone has been hit, I’ve been allowing myself the time to pay attention to more of the necessary evils – shoring up the remaining graphic elements for the app, creating promotional images, and most daunting of all, launching an actual website. It’s wee – but it’s a good starter as “Geo-Me!” heads toward launch in the spring. Mostly, I just wanted to pull the blog off of Tumblr and bring it home to our own server.

So welcome! For newcomers; browse on back through the complete history of Crackerbox and “Geo-Me!”. And regulars, please let me know what’s missing, what’s broken, what’s ugly, or what blows your mind. Anything really. I hope to be able to start some good conversations, meet some talented artists, and learn from parents and kids throughout this whole process. I’ll be continuing to post pics, videos, joys and laments on through to the completion of the “Geo-Me!” production; let you follow along as we form the idea of the Crackerbox Collective; and tell colorful adventure stories of how it’s going once it’s set loose in the App Store jungle.

What a year this has been! /ken

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