…before you animate your characters.  Just rough animated 5 running little kids only to discover they are out of frame before they begin running. HA! Oh well, at least I didn’t get to cleanup.  It’ll make it all easier in the end. 😉

In other news – Hypsographic Demography.  You heard me! Look it up.  Did you know that there are equally as many densely populated area as non-densely populated areas at elevations below 328ft (100m)?  It’s an interesting fact when you consider the potential impact of the rising oceans.  Or, did you know that cool climate zones can still exist in high altitude regions of equatorial land masses? Great place for a productive citizenry to set up shop!  These are the things we learn as we are building this thing.  It’s a fascinating conundrum we are in right now as we try to get all the data to line up in just the right way to produce…well…fun.  Our brains will be overflowing for sure when all is said and done.  The Geo-Me will live!

Kickstarter video is getting all music’ed up, and we hope to launch the campaign by the end of the month.  You think I’ve been shamelessly self-promoting up ‘til now? Fuhgeddaboudit!  I may temporarily lose friends. 😉

So, yes, back in to animating.  Back in to comfort zone.  The days fly by while I’m scribbling little chubby people.  I could sure do this for a living I tell you.  Oh, wait…


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