Lest you think only cute, chubby little sing-songy animation is going on in Crackerbox world, there is news on the app building front.  The Song Builder is coming together!!! Bill Hayes, from elevenZero, and Crackerbox co-conspirator, has conjured up the magic to make custom “where I am” song arrangements a reality.  While it’s not the main function of the Geo-Me’s, it’s a great plus that I can’t wait to under a bunch of small fingers.  

I’ll be back in Chicago next week to put another big dent in mixing this monster song with producer, Scott Tallarida, (12 unique verses! What the hell was I thinking!?!) as well as shoot footage for our Kickstarter pitch (more on that soon.)

Animation is cranking along, however (ToonBoom Animate working just fine on Mountain Lion, for those concerned.)  Just animated some abstract-y crows. That was a first. Loving the comfort of my new rig (photo set also soon!) 

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