Today I completed putting the final touches on Wen-Long from Hong Kong.  One more to go.

Who’s next? Yasemin, from Istanbul, Turkey.  She’s going to prove a challenge, I think.  As with Wen-Long, I’m dealing with a pretty dense city-scape background, and I’ve written in a dreamlike portion that will require a few extra backgrounds and props.  All the extra people, the adult cast-members, are static.  That means no animation necessary for anyone that is not, well, Yasemin.  Phew.

She’s a really confident little character, so animating her bold but dreamy attitude will be fun.  Look for a time-lapse screen capture of her first couple of shots soon.

But first – backgrounds! I’ve put a few photo collages together of Istanbul.  Both big panoramas and some well known icons and landmarks.  It’s going to make me want to go there I know.  Need to finish this first.  Oy.


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