…and wow, what a month it has been!

“Geo-Me!” has been, by all measures, a labor of love.  Each one of us involved was instantly inspired by the idea of interactive, musical and educational animation.  We had no real idea of how we were going to do it, or what subject matters to tackle first, but we knew “why”.  Each one of us jumped on board this project with no reservation, and put our best efforts and energies in to making something we would be proud of – as well as something that would afford us the opportunity to make many more.  So far so good.

To our joyful surprise, Apple generously awarded “Geo-Me!” with a banner feature under “New and Noteworthy” on the App Store. You can’t even imagine the collective giddiness we shared. Waaaaah! What a great feeling to know that all of the time and care we took to make something entertaining and appealing caught the eye of the App Store’s editorial staff. All from within the hundreds of submissions they review on a daily basis.  We were, and still are, rather proud.

But we are still a new company, and earning a parent’s trust is paramount. We have been diligent about crafting an understandable privacy policy to comply with COPPA regulations. We have also been focusing our effort on getting reviews from reputable sources, and so far the response has been great. Awesome sites like Smart Apps For Kids have been enthusiastic supporters, giving “Geo-Me!” 4 stars and saying “Great graphics and catchy, educational tunes round out this highly recommended app.”  And Apps Playground says, “In addition to the endearing avatars and gorgeous animation, the other main plus of the app is the music.” Feels good to hear.

More reviewers have us in their queues, and we look forward their important feedback.

And speaking of feedback, I’ve been spending so much time sitting in on Ed Tech webinars and videos, and reading blog after blog learning so much more about what teachers and parent like about using tech in the classroom and at home.  I really look forward to learning and interacting more.  My brain has been opened up to so many new possibilities, and it’s so inspiring to see this pro-active community in action.


Geo-Me! Try-Me!

We’ve recently released “Geo-Me! Try-Me!” so teachers, parents and kids can take “Geo-Me!” for a little test drive before they check out the whole thing.  This has really opened a small floodgate, and we hope that folks are liking what they see.


More Characters!

Now that the full-blown promotion process of “Geo-Me!” is underway, it’s time to start thinking about the next and new features it should contain come the next upgrade.  From where I sit, I need to start thinking about animating the next batch of characters! But who will they be? Well, they will be chosen from the remaining six stories that have already been recorded, but I’m having trouble deciding who to choose.  The image below shows who is waiting in the wings…




I’ve opened up a vote on our Facebook page, and I’d love to hear some comments here on the blog post too.  We know there are still some regions not represented, but in time we will be able to get there.  For now, who of the remaining 6 would you like to see?

I’m excited to sit back down and draw these cute, round and squishy little people some more!

More soon… :)


/ken, & the crackerbox-ers.

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