Last week was filled with backgrounds for Istanbul; which revolve mostly around a shoreline/skyline view while crossing the Bosphorus (the waterway that divides the Asian (east) and European (west) halves of the city.) The boat, and the background characters on it, follows the same rules as all of the preceding animation – all in simple silhouette. Even Yasemin’s mom will remain in silhouette while she is briefly animated.

She proving fun to pose, as she so far has the most rounded shapes and fun curls. Her hair and dress are going to be a nice little detail as they flutter in the wind throughout the whole clip.

An extra and unique detail in this verse will be the use of Turkish graphic elements when portraying the lights of the busy city that glow in Yasemin’s imagination. I’ll be posting the first drafts of that soon.

Every character/verse had its own single challenging shot, and this one is no slacker. Before the week ends I will be starting a mammoth 180 frame shot in which Yasemin dances back and forth on the deck of the boat while imagining different futures for herself – complete with minor costume changes. Hoo boy. I think it will be one of my favorite shots in the end. Or kill me. I’ll be sure to post the time lapse of the whole thing :)


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